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by Kavanagh, Wendy
Published 2008
by Sedmík, Jan, 1950-
Published 2015
by Walter, Bruno, Velten, Heidi
Published 2010
by Storck, Ulrich, 1934-
Published 2010
by Janoušková, Hana
Thesis supervisor Reslerová, Ludmila
Year of defence 2013
by Velešíková, Kateřina
Thesis supervisor Žárská, Kateřina
Year of defence 2010
by Stuart, Catherine
Published 2008
by Jiráňová, Aneta
Thesis supervisor Lehocký, Marián
Year of defence 2018
by Holubová, Petra
Thesis supervisor Strýčková, Kristina
Year of defence 2012
by Hašplová, Jana
Published 2009
by Hašplová, Jana
Published 2020
by Makový, Marek
Thesis supervisor Dulík, Tomáš
Year of defence 2015