Wolman Begins Investigating Water and Sewage Systems.

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Title: Wolman Begins Investigating Water and Sewage Systems.
Authors: Yearley, Clifton K.
Source: Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2021. 3p.
Subject Terms: Municipal water supply, Wolman, Abel, Sewage, Public works, Twentieth century, History
Abstract: Prior to his death in 1989, Abel Wolman had long been recognized as one of the most distinguished sanitary engineers in the United States and an authority on water standards, water pollution, and water management. His major contributions to these fields of expertise—the introduction of scientific methods of chlorination, the fluoridation of water supplies, the design of improved water- and sewage-treatment facilities, the scientific analysis of water resources, and the initiation of research into national water resources—were nearly all introduced or refined between the 1930’s and the late 1950’s.
Published: 2021
Database: Research Starters