Salvador by Joan Didion.

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Title: Salvador by Joan Didion.
Authors: Daubs, James D.
Source: Salem Press Encyclopedia of Literature, 2020. 2p.
Subject Terms: Salvador (Book : Didion), 20th century American literature
Abstract: In the summer of 1982, American novelist, essayist, and journalist Joan Didion visited the war-torn Central American nation of El Salvador; Salvador is the record of what she found there. Didion’s stay in El Salvador came at a time when the United States’ policy in this tiny republic was very much under fire, and her analysis never strays far from the essentially political question of what the United States government hopes to gain in a seemingly irreconcilable conflict. Part reporter’s notebook, part ironic travelogue, Salvador defies categorization. It is perhaps best described as an extended meditation on the hopelessness of communication between North and South American cultures and, by extension, on the futility of the colonial drive to “Americanize” a culture with a different history and geography.
Published: 2020
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