The Whore of Mensa by Woody Allen.

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Title: The Whore of Mensa by Woody Allen.
Authors: Adams, Michael
Source: Salem Press Encyclopedia of Literature, 2020. 1p.
Abstract: Kaiser Lupowitz, a New York private detective, is hired by Word Babcock to thwart a blackmail scheme. Babcock, who builds and services joy buzzers, considers himself an intellectual but does not find his wife intellectually stimulating: "She won't discuss Pound with me. Or Eliot. I didn't know that when I married her." He hears about a call-girl service providing female college students who will discuss intellectual matters for a fee, and he becomes a regular customer. Flossie, the madam, wants ten thousand dollars, or else she will turn over to his wife tapes of his "discussing The Waste Land and Styles of Radical Will, and, well, really getting into some issues" with a girl in a motel room. Babcock needs help because his wife "would die if she knew she didn't turn me on up here."
Published: 2020
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