Bibliography for the Hospitality Industry.

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Title: Bibliography for the Hospitality Industry.
Author(s): Nelson, Elizabeth A.
Source: 9 pp.
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Publication Date: 1996
Descriptors: Adult Education, Annotated Bibliographies, Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias, Food Service, Guides, Hospitality Occupations, Hotels, Occupational Home Economics, Postsecondary Education, Secondary Education, Statistics, Textbooks, Tourism, Vocational Education, Waiters and Waitresses
Abstract: This annotated bibliography is a sample collection of reference materials in the hospitality industry suitable for a small academic library. It is assumed that the library has a general reference collection. Publication dates range from 1992-96, with two publication dates in the 1980s. No periodicals are included. The 41 reference materials are divided into these categories: 19 guides, handbooks, and manuals; 4 dictionaries and encyclopedias; 1 bibliography; 7 directories; 3 indexes; and 7 sources of statistics. Each entry follows this format: author(s) or editor(s), title, publisher, date of publication, and annotation. Materials specifically for college students or potential college students include a guide for researching and writing a thesis in hospitality and tourism and a guide to college programs in these fields. (YLB)
Language: English
Number of Pages: 9
Publication Type: Reference Materials - Bibliographies
Journal Code: RIEOCT1996
Entry Date: 1996
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Published: 19960506
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