Resources for Topics in Nursing.

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Title: Resources for Topics in Nursing.
Author(s): Riordan, Dale B.; North Carolina Univ., Charlotte. J. Murrey Atkins Library.
Source: 27 pp.
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Publication Date: 1995
Descriptors: Citations (References), Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Higher Education, Indexes, Library Catalogs, Library Materials, Nursing Education, Nursing Research, Reference Materials, Research Tools, Resource Materials
Abstract: This guide is intended to help the user become familiar with a selected group of reference tools and resources which are useful in nursing education and practice. It is important for students to use the correct medical or scientific terminology, understand the scope of a topic, and then utilize the tools necessary to research subjects of interest. This guide introduces students to the types of literature available and the components of the research process. The following types of literature are defined and useful references of each type are given: guides to the nursing literature (1 reference); guides to the research process (11 references); dictionaries and encyclopedias (9 references); online catalog; periodical indexes (15 references); computer searches; research reviews (9 references); drug information (3 references); handbooks and manuals (9 references); statistical data (5 references); style manuals (1 reference); and writing and communication aids. Instructions are provided on finding reviews of recent research, books, support information, and journal articles on users' topics and using Library of Congress subject headings, Atkins Library's Periodicals and Serials List (PASL), government documents, computer searches, and interlibrary loan. (MAS)
Language: English
Number of Pages: 27
Intended Audience: Students
Publication Type: Guides - Non-Classroom; Reference Materials - Bibliographies
Journal Code: RIESEP1995
Entry Date: 1995
Accession Number: ED382201
Published: 19950101
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