Two-Year College Handbooks and Manuals: Past, Present, Future.

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Title: Two-Year College Handbooks and Manuals: Past, Present, Future.
Author(s): Kintzer, Frederick C.; ERIC Clearinghouse for Junior Colleges, Los Angeles, CA.
Source: 38 pp.
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Publication Date: 1983
Descriptors: Administrator Guides, Collective Bargaining, College Faculty, Community Colleges, Counselors, Faculty Handbooks, Information Needs, Instructional Improvement, Language Styles, Organizational Communication, School Publications, Two Year Colleges
Abstract: Based upon a review of handbooks and manuals from 212 two-year colleges in 39 states, this paper examines directions currently evident in the purpose, content, style and format of these publications and offers recommendations for their improvement. After looking at the characteristics of junior/community college faculty handbooks in the 1960s, the paper discusses the effects of collective bargaining on the current use of handbooks as in-house communication organs and notes that they are frequently being replaced by policy manuals covering areas not yet encompassed by collective bargaining agreements. The paper's next sections offer suggestions for employing and improving college handbooks, citing exemplary practices from the handbooks reviewed. These suggestions include: (1) clarify relationships between handbooks and collective bargaining contracts or other regulatory sources to avoid confusion and legal complications; (2) offer expanded information on curriculum development, instructional improvement, institutional purpose, and staff development opportunities as part of the handbooks or as separate documents; (3) develop specialized handbooks for particular groups, such as counselors, instructional and service specialists, and administrators; (4) provide information on policies and regulations related to the often neglected topics of institutional research and articulation and transfer; and (5) maintain an informal and straightforward style. (DAB)
Sponsoring Agency: National Inst. of Education (ED), Washington, DC.
Language: English
Number of Pages: 38
Publication Type: ERIC Publications; Opinion Papers
Journal Code: RIEJUN1983
Entry Date: 1983
Accession Number: ED225603
Published: 19830101
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