Aktéři ekonomické globalizace, občanská společnost a stát

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Title: Aktéři ekonomické globalizace, občanská společnost a stát
Authors: Rohrbacher, Tomáš
Contributors: Müller, Karel, Lehmannová, Zuzana, Prorok, Vladimír, Dohnalová, Marie
Publisher Information: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, 2006.
Publication Year: 2006
Subject Terms: občanská společnost, demokratizace, governance, alter-globalization movement, globalization, democratization, civil society, alterglobalizační hnutí, globalizace
Description: Presented thesis focuses on civil society within the context of ongoing processes of globalization. The core of disputed issues lies in creation of relationships between the actors of civil society (with stress on alter-globalization movement) and institutions of international governance (with accent on multilateral economic institutions -- WB, IMF, WTO). The thesis analyzes concepts of (global) civil society and functions which civil society fulfills in relations to centres of political power -- traditionally towards the state, currently also towards international governance institutions. It deals also with preconditions of creation and existence of global civil society (post-material middle-class, cosmopolitism and the role of the internet). Theoretical chapters are supported by empirical datas which are analysed especially regarding alter-globalist discourse, self-definition of the actors and current state of relationships between civil society and WB, IMF and WTO. Applied research shows that these institutions open themselves to the control of public and civil society (although with different pace) in levels of transparency, accountability and access, and thus civil society contributes to their democratization.
Language: Czech
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Accession Number: edsair.od......2186..65e2c4b30e83730ec3de7a3b678a3b20
Published: 2006
Database: OpenAIRE
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