Georg Lukacs and Irma Seidler

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Title: Georg Lukacs and Irma Seidler
Authors: Agnes Heller, Etti de Laczay
Source: New German Critique. :74
Publisher Information: JSTOR, 1979.
Publication Year: 1979
Subject Terms: General Arts and Humanities, Cultural Studies, Art history, Vision, Single objective, Object (philosophy), Similarity (psychology), Art, media_common.quotation_subject, media_common, Epistemology
Description: the essays can we discover even a single objective similarity. The re-creation of the relationship consists of the exploration of the relationship's possibilities. These possibilities were what Lukacs thought (and lived) out according to the rules of "Platonic" conduct. These possibilities are daydreams, or, more accurately - rational visions, the dreams and visions of "what could be if," "what could have been, if." In these daydreams and visions, however, the Other is only a vague shape, an indefinite object, the only real being is the one who dreams.
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Published: 1979
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