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John Charles Polanyi.
Published: 2021
Resource Type: Reference
Source: Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition. 2021, p1-1. 1p.

Directed collision of F or CF2 with CF3 gives umbrella inversion of CF3 followed by collinear ejection of F or CF2
Authors: John Charles Polanyi; Kelvin Anggara; Lydie Leung; Matthew James Timm
Published: 2020

The nature of mercury—carbon bonds in mercury alkyl radicals
Authors: John Charles Polanyi; E. Warhurst; B. G. Gowenlock
Published: 1953
Source: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 219:270-280

Published: 2015
Resource Type: Periodical
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John Polanyi.
Published: 2022
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