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Georg Lukacs and Irma Seidler
Authors: Agnes Heller; Etti de Laczay
Published: 2006
Source: New German Critique. :74

“Life is a woman”: Gender, sex and sexuality in Bartók’s The Wooden Prince
Authors: Kilpatrick, Stephen
Published: 2007
Resource Type: Periodical
Source: Studia Musicologica; March 2007, Vol. 48 Issue: 1-2 p163-170, 8p

'Life is a woman': Gender, sex and sexuality in Bartók's The Wooden Prince
Authors: Stephen Kilpatrick
Published: 2007
Source: Studia Musicologica. 48:163-170

"Life Is a Woman": Gender, Sex and Sexuality in Bartók's "The Wooden Prince"
Published: 2007
Resource Type: Academic Journal
Source: Studia Musicologica. 48(1/2):163-170