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Drug Sensitivity Testing for Cancer Therapy, Technique Analysis and Trends
Authors: Da-Yong Lu; Ting-Ren Lu
Published: 2023
Source: Current Reviews in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology. 18:3-11

Do naps benefit novel word learning? Developmental differences and white matter correlates
Authors: van Rijn; Henderson; Walker; Cairney; knowland; Gaskell; Gouws
Published: 2023
Source: Cortex. 158:37-60

A Reinforcement Meta-Learning framework of executive function and information demand
Authors: Stefano Lasaponara; Mattias Horan; Massimo Silvetti; Jacqueline Gottlieb
Published: 2023
Source: Neural Networks. 157:103-113

The option value of record-based sanctions
Authors: Avraham D. Tabbach; Shmuel Leshem
Published: 2023
Source: Games and Economic Behavior. 137:1-22

Indie Courtship: Pursuing the American New Wave
Authors: Kim Wilkins
Published: 2023
Source: New Wave, New Hollywood

New Hollywood’s 'Zany Godards': A 'Shirley' Serious Assessment of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker
Authors: Emilio Audissino
Published: 2023
Source: New Wave, New Hollywood

Design as Authorship: Polly Platt’s New Hollywood Aesthetic
Authors: Aaron Hunter
Published: 2023
Source: New Wave, New Hollywood

Comparison of DCE-MRI parametric mapping using MP2RAGE and variable flip angle T1 mapping
Authors: Robert V. Bergen; Marco Essig; Lawrence Ryner
Published: 2023
Source: Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 95:103-109

Boosting taxes for boasting about houses? Status concerns in the housing market
Authors: Johannes Schünemann; Timo Trimborn
Published: 2023
Source: Schünemann, J & Trimborn, T 2023, ' Boosting taxes for boasting about houses? Status concerns in the housing market ', Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 205, pp. 120-143 .

Strategies for ensuring required service level for COVID-19 herd immunity in Indian vaccine supply chain
Authors: Sameer Kumar; Priyank Sinha; Charu Chandra
Published: 2023
Source: European Journal of Operational Research

Weight-Sharing Neural Architecture Search: A Battle to Shrink the Optimization Gap
Authors: WeiLonghui; ChangJianlong; XiaoAn; WangLanfei; XieLingxi; ZhangXiaopeng; BiKaifeng; XuYuhui; ChenZhengsu; ChenXin; TianQi
Published: 2022
Source: ACM Computing Surveys. 54:1-37

Hagia Sophia, God s Chosen Ruler, and St. Nicholas: New Perspectives on the Macedonian Dynasty
Authors: Brigitte Pitarakis
Published: 2022
Source: Istanbul Research Institute. 2:165-177

Authors: N S Kresova; A S Karamova; O P Fesenko; A R Davydovich
Published: 2022
Source: Problems of Social Hygiene, Public Health and History of Medicine. 30:740-745

Words speak as loudly as actions: Central bank communication and the response of equity prices to macroeconomic announcements
Authors: Chiara Scotti; Clara Vega; Ben Gardner
Published: 2022
Source: Journal of Econometrics. 231:387-409

Empathy-mediated altruism in intergroup contexts: The roles of posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth
Authors: Amy Canevello; James Igoe Walsh; Jonathan Hall
Published: 2022
Source: Emotion. 22:1699-1712

Intellectual Capital, Supply Chain Learning, and Adaptability: A Comparative Investigation in China and the United States
Authors: Zhiqiang Wang; Shanshan Zhang; Xiande Zhao; Tobias Schoenherr
Published: 2022
Source: IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 69:2738-2753

Self-Supervised Deep Monocular Depth Estimation With Ambiguity Boosting
Authors: Munchurl Kim; Juan Luis Gonzalez Bello
Published: 2022
Source: IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. 44:9131-9149

Emotional expressions as appeals to recipients
Authors: Ursula Hess; Andrea Scarantino; Shlomo Hareli
Published: 2022
Source: Emotion. 22:1856-1868