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Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)

Academic Search Complete, designed specifically for academic institutions, is the world's most valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 9 100 full-text periodicals, including 13 6000 peer-reviewed journals. In addition to full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 9,300 journals and a total of 10,900 publications including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc. The database features PDF content going back as far as 1865, with the majority of full text titles in native (searchable) PDF format.


AGRICOLA covers U.S. agricultural and life sciences information. Compiled by the U.S. National Agricultural Library, it consists of over 4,900,000 citations to journal articles, monographs, theses, patents and software related to agriculture.


AGRIS is the international information system for the agricultural sciences and technology. It was created by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1974, to facilitate information exchange and to bring together world literature dealing with all aspects of agriculture. AGRIS is a cooperative system in which participating countries input references to the literature produced within their boundaries and, in return, draw on the information provided by the other participants. To date, 240 national, international and intergovernmental centers participate.

AIP Publishing - American Institute of Physics

AIP Publishing is a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Our portfolio comprises highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals, including a growing portfolio of Open Access titles, that cover all areas of the physical sciences. Through this platform, the library made journals available: The Journal of Rheology; Physics of Fluids; Physics of Plasmas.

American Chemical Society Journals

The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society provides the worldwide scientific community with a comprehensive collection of the most cited peer-reviewed journals in the chemical and related sciences.


ARTbibliographies Modern (Proquest)

ABM is the premier source of information on modern and contemporary arts dating from the late 19th century onwards, and including photography since its invention. It includes abstracts of English and foreign-language material on famous and lesser-known artists, movements, and trends. The coverage of ABM is wide-ranging and includes performance art and installation works, video art, computer and electronic art, body art, graffiti, artists' books, theatre arts, conservation, crafts, ceramic and glass art, ethnic arts, graphic and museum design, fashion, and calligraphy, as well as traditional media including illustration, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and drawing.

arXiv is a free distribution service and an open-access archive for 1,721,117 scholarly articles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics. Materials on this site are not peer-reviewed by arXiv.

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Beck's online legal information system.

Bibliographia Medica Čechoslovaca - Medvik

BMC is the largest czech database for medicine and related subjects.

BioMed Central Journals

BioMed Central is an independent publishing house committed to providing immediate open access to peer-reviewed biomedical research.


BioOne provides a unique aggregation of high-impact bioscience research journals, featuring timely content on a wide-array of today’s most pressing topics, including global warming, stem cell research, ecological and biodiversity conservation.

BIOSIS Citation Index

BIOSIS Citation Index™ combines the carefully indexed life science coverage found in BIOSIS™ Previews (Biological Abstracts™, Reports, Reviews, and Meetings) with the power of cited reference searching in Web of Science™. Precision searching is delivered through custom terms, and specialized, article-level indexing, with tags to vital data such as Enzyme Commission numbers, and cross-references throughout to gene, disease, and organism names. Deep and broad coverage across all subject areas, including traditional areas of biology like botany, zoology, and microbiology; alongside related and interdisciplinary fields such as agriculture, biochemistry, bioengineering, biomedical, biophysics, biotechnology, ecology, medicine, and pharmacology.

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts combines visual inspiration with practical advice on everything from idea generation and research techniques to portfolio development – making this the ultimate guide to a visual arts education. Browse content from over 170 eBooks by discipline of interest, including Design and Illustration, Fashion and Textiles, Photography, Film and Media, Architecture and Interiors, Marketing and advertising. Explore the Key Topics featured on each discipline homepage, for example within the Design and Illustration page, topics include Designing Brands, Careers and Portfolios, Illustration, or Typography.

Bloomsbury Design Library

Read articles from The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design and Victor Margolin’s World History of Design, as well as cutting-edge scholarly books – with broad coverage of topics across design and craft studies to support research and learning. Develop contextual understanding by using the illustrated timeline to discover the history of design in its social, political and economic context. Browse content by period; place; people; disciplines; schools, movements and styles relevant to their work – includes designer biographies with links to further reading on influential figures from William Morris to Charles and Ray Eames. Explore exhibitions and rich image collections from prestigious institutions such as the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, and The Design Museum, Denmark.


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Cabell''s Journal Whitelists & Blacklist

Use Cabell''s to find: Journals that publish in a field; covers a wide range of areas in Education,Psychology & Psychiatry,Health & Nursing,Computer Science. Journal Impact Factor (Thomson Reuters), plus contextual influence within each of its primary topics (more info on Cabell''s unique rankings). Acceptance rate, review process, length of time to review and publish, and difficulty of acceptance. Publisher''s contact details and specific requirements for manuscript length, submission, and more. Current Calls for Papers that the journal has provided. Journal''s aims and scope to gauge whether its goals fit with your own.

Central & Eastern European Academic Source (EBSCO)

Central & Eastern European Academic Source (CEEAS) is a research database of full-text scholarly journals published in central and eastern European countries. Multidisciplinary and multilingual, it covers many subjects including history, business and law.


CiteSeerX, formerly CiteSeer, is a scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science. CiteSeer was developed in 1997 at the NEC Research Institute (now NEC Laboratoires America, Inc.), Princeton, New Jersey, by Steve Lawrence, Lee Giles and Kurt Bollacker. It is now hosted at the Pennsylvania State University's College of Information Sciences. CiteSeer was the first digital library and search engine to provide automated citation indexing and citation linking using the method of autonomous citation indexing. At present the system contains more than 767 550 source documents.


CogPrints is a free, full-text e-print archive of published, peer-reviewed journal postprints plus prepublication unrefereed preprints in the cognitive sciences, covering psychology, behavioral biology, computer science, linguistics, philosophy and related disciplines.

Coronavirus Research Database

The Coronavirus Research Database is a collection of journal articles, preprints, conference proceedings, dissertations and more related to COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. It includes comprehensive research background coverage of past pandemics and epidemics, like MERS and SARS, to give researchers and students context around the current global crisis.

CSN (ČSN) Online

ČSN online makes available an electronic version of ČSN standards with a monthly update. The database is accessible from the marked computer on the 3rd floor of the library.

Current Contents Connect

Current Contents Connect™ is a current awareness database that helps busy researchers keep up to date by providing easy online access to complete tables of contents, abstracts, and bibliographic information, from the most recently published issues of leading scholarly journals. The over 10 thousand journals indexed for Current Contents Connect have met our high standards for quality and impact, so when you search Current Contents Connect you know you are finding the latest research from the most trustworthy sources.

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DART-European E-theses Portal

DART-Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortia who are working together to improve global access to European research theses. The DART-Europe E-Theses Portal is a discovery service for full text, open access research theses awarded by European Universities.

Data Citation Index

The Data Citation Index™ provides a single point of access to quality research data from global repositories across disciplines. Descriptive records are created for data objects and linked to literature articles in the Web of Science.™ As data citation practices increase, the Data Citation Index aims to provide a clearer picture of the full impact of research output, as well as to act as a significant tool for data attribution and discovery.

De Gruyter Journals & Books

We have the trial access to a database of top-ranked journals published by De Gruyter. More than 445 journals, more than 100 of them have a high Impact Factor and are top-ranked in their fields. The database makes more than 100 books available Trial access is active set May 14, 2021.


DEPATISnet offers you the opportunity to carry out searches in the DPMA's electronic document archive online and free of charge. It includes more than 100 million patent publications from around the world. DEPATISnet is particularly suited to state-of-the-art and freedom-to-operate searches.

Derwent Innovations Index

Derwent Innovations Index™ facilitates rapid, precise patent searching, letting you conduct patent and citation searches of inventions in chemical, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering. This resource merges the value-added patent information from Derwent World Patents Index with the patent citation information from Derwent Patent Citation Index. You can use additional descriptive information and coding to discover all relevant inventions and quickly grasp a patent’s significance and its relationship to other patents. Reduce duplication of R&D; track competitors’ activities; detect and avoid patent infringement; identify potential gaps in the marketplace and possible licensing opportunities.

Digitale Dissertationen im Internet

The information system provides a wide range of information on the electronic publishing of dissertations and post-doctoral theses. Information is held which is of relevance for authors, libraries, scientific institutions and publishing houses. Sample documents are available which are intended to help authors with the presentation of their dissertations or post-doctoral theses, allowing them to be published electronically on university publication servers and by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek while fulfilling all digital preservation requirements. Furthermore, it is also possible to use to carry out research directly in electronic university publications held by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek.

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

A searchable index of academic, peer-reviewed books that have been published under an Open Access license. Includes links to the full-text books on the publishers' websites. Publishers must meet the requirements for Open Access and peer review in order to have their books indexed in DOAB. 29537 Academic peer-reviewed books from 389 publishers

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. We aim to cover all subjects and languages. There are now 15 000 journals in the directory. Currently 12 000 journals are searchable at article level.

DSpace UTB

Digital Library of theses from TBU in Zlín.

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eBook Collection (EBSCO)

The full texts of over 4 000 books available in this EBSCO database.

ebooks ScienceDirect

ebooks ScienceDirect - 97 electronic books published by Elsevier.


EBSCOhost databases are the most-used, premium online information resources for tens of thousands of institutions worldwide, representing millions of end-users. EBSCOhost is a database that includes full-text articles and abstracts of articles in magazines, journals and newspapers.

Emerald - Social Science eBook Collection & Business Management & Economics eBook Collection

The database provides access to 3 thousand. e-books, proceedings and ongoing publications. Exactly 85% of titles are indexed in the Book Citation Index or in the Scopus database. Thematically, resources focused mainly on economics, management, marketing, but also on other social science and technical disciplines are exhausted. Access is set from 1.2.2021 - 31.8.2021.

Emerald Journals & Books

A powerful business research tool that provides critical information when it is most needed. Users have instant access to over 35,000 full text articles from Emerald's international management portfolio, complete with full text archives back to 1994. Subject coverage spans a spectrum of management disciplines including: strategy; leadership; library and information management; marketing and human resource management; plus a substantial number of engineering, applied science and technology titles. Collection available for UTB -


Complete with the latest research on pollution reduction, emissions, and environmental contamination, this e-book collection provides complete access to references on methods for site assessment, remediation, and soil and water quality monitoring. The Environmental Science Collection describes new tools and technologies for remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetric environmental monitoring.


The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a digital library of education-related resources. Currently over 650,000 records are from scholarly journals, more than 225,000 records are from reports, conference proceedings, and the like, and reference works in excess of 14,000 records. Many of these records contain links to the ERIC full-text documents, but the user can also access full-text from the publisher when available or use the library's linked full-text resources when available.

ERIH PLUS by Dimensions

ERIH PLUS by Dimensions is a next-generation linked research information system that makes it easier to find and access the most relevant information, analyze the academic and broader outcomes of research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The database combines the functionality and extensive data sources of Dimensions with ERIH PLUS, enabling users to drill deeper into the research outputs within the journals of ERIH PLUS. With ERIH PLUS by Dimensions, Digital Science partners with NSD to increase visibility, searchability, and availability of research in the areas of Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities, enabling researchers to better disseminate their work in national and international languages.


esp@cenet contains all the patent documentation available to EPO examiners and the latest patent applications from all the EPO member states.


The aim of EThOS is: To offer a 'single point of access' where researchers the world over can access ALL theses produced by UK Higher Education To support Higher Education Institutions through the transition from print to e-theses To help UK Higher Education Institutions expand available content by digitizing paper theses To demonstrate the quality of UK research and help attract students and research investment into UK High Education

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This collection allows libraries to access expert guidance on food safety, quality assurance, processing, brewing, regulations, and microbiology. This collection offers information on latest functional foods, antioxidants, foodborne pathogens, and packaging technologies. The user can search for and display information from the entire collection for titles published before 2015. Newer publications are not available.

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. Google Scholar helps you find relevant work across the world of scholarly research.


EBSCO proudly offers GreenFILE, a freely accessible research database focusing on the relationship between human beings and the environment, with well-researched but accessible information on topics ranging from global warming to recycling to alternate fuel sources and beyond. Comprised of scholarly and general interest titles, as well as government documents and reports, GreenFILE offers a unique perspective on the positive and negative ways humans affect the ecology.

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Helgi Library

Helgi Library is one of the largest statistics portals in the world. We put tons of useful data and interesting reports under a single roof to save you hours of searching and disappointment at poor results. We offer our products to a wide readership at a really affordable price. You'll find plenty of information for free, or for only a very small fee, which makes us different from the large data providers. Get a report for free, buy a single indicator from $2.99, or take out a monthly subscription - whatever works best for you.

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IEEE Xplore

The IEEE Xplore digital library is a powerful resource for discovery of and access to scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners. IEEE Xplore provides web access to more than four-million full-text documents from some of the world's most highly cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics. More than two-million documents are in robust, dynamic HTML format. The content in IEEE Xplore comprises: 195+ journals; 1,400+ conference proceedings; 5,100+ technical standards; Approximately 2,000 books; 400+ educational courses.

IGI Global

A platform that makes electronic publications accessible since the 2018 issue. This sources covers mainly management, business, computer science and information technology, but also education or public administration.


News server. You must be sing on.

Institute of Physics Journals (IOP)

Contains the abstracts of over 80 scientific journals published by the American Institute of Physics and its Member Societies since 1975, as well as selected articles from other scientific journals, totaling close to 1 million articles.

International Bibliography of Art (IBA)

International Bibliography of Art now benefits from ProQuest’s acclaimed editorial operations, with its emphasis on subject expertise and manual indexing. The database includes detailed abstracts for all new content, in-depth abstracts for scholarly articles, and authority files of controlled terms. Together, these provide detailed, high quality records to direct researchers to most important information in the field. Ideal for academic and specialist art libraries, museums, and design firms, International Bibliography of Art provides authoritative coverage of international scholarship: European art from late antiquity to the present, American art from the colonial era to the present, and global art since 1945 Visual arts in all media are covered: painting, sculpture, drawing, video, installations, new media, decorative and applied arts, museum studies and conservation, archaeology, folk art and material culture, classical studies, antiques, architectural history Strong international coverage At least 500 core journals will be covered, plus detailed coverage of monographs, essay collections, conference proceedings and exhibition catalogues.


News server. Log in to access.

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Journal Citation Reports (JCR Web)

Journal Citation Reports aggregates the meaningful connections of citations created by the research community through the delivery of a rich array of publisher-independent data, metrics and analysis of the world’s most impactful journals included in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), part of the Web of Science Core Collection. Journal Citation Reports is the only journal report of its kind that is both complete and editorially selective; it contains all the data required to understand the components that index the value and impact of each journal. The structured data are curated by a global team of experts who continuously evaluate and select the collections of journals, books and conference proceedings covered in the Web of Science Core Collection to ensure accuracy in evaluating journal impact. These expert insights enable you to explore the key drivers of a journal’s value, making better use of the wide body of data and metrics available in the Journal Citation Reports, including the Journal Impact Factor (JIF).


Thousands of Open Access ebooks are available from top scholarly publishers, including Brill, Cornell University Press, De Gruyter, and University of California Press.

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Knovel is a web-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools to drive innovation and deliver answers engineers can trust. Knovel offers an unmatched depth and breadth of validated engineering content, selected from the most trusted sources and delivered to engineers quickly and with extreme precision. Knovel's comprehensive content collection includes material properties, process and design information, best practices, equations and formulations for specific industries and engineering disciplines. Knovel’s content includes over 4,000 leading reference works and databases from more than 100 leading technical publishers. Alternative remote access

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Lecture Notes in Mathematics

Lecture Notes in Mathematics is a book series in the field of mathematics, including articles related to both research and teaching. It was established in 1964 and was edited by A. Dold, Heidelberg and B. Eckmann, Zürich. Its publisher is Springer Science+Business Media (formerly Springer-Verlag). The intent of the series is to publish not only lecture notes, but results from seminars and conferences, more quickly than the several-years-long process of publishing polished journal papers in mathematics. In order to speed the publication process, early volumes of the series (before electronic publishing) were reproduced photographically from typewritten manuscripts. According to Earl Taft it has been "enormously successful" and "is considered a very valuable service to the mathematical community". As of 2018 there have been 2232 volumes in this series.

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA)

Database Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) provides an index of more than 560 major periodicals, nearly 50 top periodicals and approximately 125 selected periodicals, including books, research reports and proceedings. Database subjects includes librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information search, information management and more. Time coverage dates back to the mid-sixties.

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MEDLINE is the U.S. National Library of Medicine® (NLM®) premier bibliographic database, covering biomedicine and life sciences topics vital to biomedical practitioners, educators, and researchers, such as bioengineering, public health, clinical care, and plant and animal science, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, marine biology, and preclinical sciences.

MIT Press E-Books

The library offers online access to nearly 500 titles in fields including computer science, artificial intelligence, information theory, computer programming, information technology, and electrical engineering, broadening the research available to your organization in one platform.

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Národní digitální knihovna DNNT

Nursing Reference Center Plus

Nursing Reference Center is committed to educating nurses about evidence-based medicine and nursing best practices. As a part of that effort, Nursing Reference Center focuses on ensuring that staff nurses, nurse educators, recent nursing graduates and nursing students have quick and easy access to the most current information to provide the best care possible to their patients. Trial access until 15 March 2021.

NUŠL (Národní úložiště šedé literatury)

National Repository of Grey Literature.

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OAIster is a union catalog of digital resources. is a freely accessible OCLC site for searching the millions of OAIster records alone. The records will continue to be indexed in OCLC's WorldCat, and will be integrated in search results along with records from thousands of libraries worldwide. They also will continue to be included in WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local "quick start" search results, and will continue to be available via other OCLC Discovery services.

OECD iLibrary

OECD iLibrary contains all the publications and datasets released by OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), International Energy Agency (IEA), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), and International Transport Forum (ITF) since 1998 - currently.

Open Access Theses and Dissertations aims to be the best possible resource for finding open access graduate theses and dissertations published around the world. Metadata (information about the theses) comes from over 1100 colleges, universities, and research institutions. OATD currently indexes 5,153,410 theses and dissertations.

Open Content Alliance

Open Content Alliance including around 50,000 books and Text collections from the Internet Archive, including Gutenberg scans, Google and others.

OpenDissertations (EBSCO)

EBSCO Open Dissertations now includes the content from American Doctoral Dissertations. It is a free database with records for more than 1.2 million electronic theses and dissertations from around the world.

Oxford Journals - HSS Collection (archiv 2009-2018)

As a major international publisher of academic and research journals, Oxford Journals publishes and develops titles in partnership with the world's most prestigious learned societies. Our goal is to bring high quality research to the widest possible audience.

Oxford Scholarship Online - Linguistics

Provides access to hundreds of key Linguistics titles. Benefit from a powerful search tool, author-written chapter summaries, extensive hyperlinked footnotes, and more. Clear and easy navigation - every book has a home page providing structured access to the full text, as well as full bibliographic information, and links to related content. Regularly updated with the latest books published by Oxford University Press

Oxford Scholarship Online - Psychology

The Oxford Psychology Series is the premier international psychology series, which has seen the publication of many classic psychology titles over the past twenty years.

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Using PATENTSCOPE you can search 89 million patent documents including 3.8 million published international patent applications

Peter Lang eBooks EBS

The Peter Lang platform offers over 10,000 titles published mainly in the arts, humanities and social sciences. 1,800 new books are published every year.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks. Choose among free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them or read them online. You will find the world's great literature here, with focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired. Thousands of volunteers digitized and diligently proofread the eBooks, for enjoyment and education.

ProQuest Central

ProQuest Central brings together many of our most used databases to create the most comprehensive, diverse, and relevant multidisciplinary research database available. It provides access to databases across all major subject areas, including business, health and medical, social sciences, arts and humanities, education, science and technology, and religion. The collection includes thousands of full-text scholarly journals, trade and professional titles, newspapers, magazines, dissertations, working papers, case studies, and market reports all together on a powerful, user-friendly platform: 30 databases; 160 subject areas; 25 000 periodical titles. ProQuest Central is the largest, multidisciplinary, full-text database available in the market today. This resource provides access to 30 of ProQuest's most highly used databases, with a variety of content types across over 160 subjects, making this the broadest single research resource in the world.

ProQuest STM Package

The ProQuest STM Package database is available in a collection of information regarding content type, search tools, and features. Database of possibilities in the collection: Collection of Natural Sciences, Collection of Technologies, ProQuest Science Journals, ProQuest Health & Medical Complete.


PubAg - Explore 298,722 full-text journal articles on the agricultural sciences, in addition to over 3,009,700 citations


PubMed was developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). It was developed in conjunction with publishers of biomedical literature as a search tool for accessing literature citations and linking to full-text journals at web sites of participating publishers. PubMed provides access to bibliographic information which includes MEDLINE as well as additional life science journals.PubMed also provides access and links to the integrated molecular biology databases included in NCBI's Entrez retrieval system.

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Reaxys is a new platform, which contains Beilstein Database, Gmelin Database and Patent Chemistry Database. Reaxys gives all scientists the best means to explore the world of chemistry. Designed to support researchers at every stage of their careers, Reaxys is a highly intuitive solution for answering precise chemistry questions. To empower confident and thorough investigation of research topics, Reaxys delivers information from a unique collection of peer-reviewed literature, patents and substance databases. For better-informed decisions, Reaxys retrieves precise and accurate property, reaction and synthesis data.


RePEc/IDEAS is the largest bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available freely on the Internet. Based on RePEc, it indexes over 3,200,000 items of research, including over 3,000,000 that can be downloaded in full text. RePEc is a large volunteer effort to enhance the free dissemination of research in Economics which includes bibliographic metadata from over 2,000 participating archives, including all the major publishers and research outlets. IDEAS is just one of several services that use RePEc data. For some statistics about the holdings on this site, see here. Authors are invited to register with RePEc to create an online profile. Then, anyone finding some of their research here can find your latest contact details and a listing of their other research. They will also receive a monthly mailing about the popularity of their works, their ranking and newly found citations.

Repozitář publikací UTB

The repository of TBU publications. This repository contains a bibliography of publications by authors from Tomas Bata University in Zlin. It's focused only on officially rated results of TBU science and research – journal articles, conference papers and monographs.

Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

Journals from the RSC are recognised as the fastest in the field, some papers having been published within a day of receipt, including full peer review and editing. This is made possible by a dedicated, professional staff, and truly innovative electronic workflow systems.

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SAGE Knowledge Books and Reference Collections

SAGE Publications platform for eBooks and social sciences handbooks - SAGE Knowledge. More than 5 0000 prestigious titles are available - professional monographs and reference books, etc. The SAGE Knowledge platform is designed for students, researchers and academics to search across the content from one place.

SciELO Citation Index

The SciELO Citation Index™ helps researchers make connections to the broader research landscape, for a more complete global picture, by discovering new insights from research in regional journals in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean and South Africa​.

Science Robotics

Science Robotics publishes original, peer-reviewed, science- or engineering-based research articles that advance the field of robotics. The journal also features editor-commissioned Reviews. An international team of academic editors holds Science Robotics articles to the same high-quality standard that is the hallmark of the Science family of journals. Sub-topics include: actuators, advanced materials, artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles, bio-inspired design, exoskeletons, fabrication, field robotics, human-robot interaction, humanoids, industrial robotics, kinematics, machine learning, material science, medical technology, motion planning and control, micro- and nano-robotics, multi-robot control, sensors, service robotics, social and ethical issues, soft robotics, and space, planetary and undersea exploration.

ScienceDirect (Elsevier)

ScienceDirect contains over 25% of the world's science, technology and medicine full text and bibliographic information. ScienceDirect provides access to more than 39,000 books that help researchers gain the insights they need to get ahead. Over 1.2 million articles on ScienceDirect are open access

SciFinder-n (Chemical Abstracts)

SciFinder-n is a new generation of SciFinder produced by CAS (division of American Chemical Society) with an improved interface that allows more ccomfortable and faster searching. There are 4 main modules available in the SciFinder-n interface: SUBSTANCES REACTIONS REFERENCES SUPPLIERS We can search by chemical structure, substance name, formulas, patent numbers, PubMed ID, DOI, etc. SciFinder-n also includes the previously stand-alone PatentPak (chemical patents search tool) and MethodsNow (analytical methods tool).

SCOPUS (Elsevier)

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources from all subjects. Scopus processes about 24,500 peer-reviewed journals from more than 5,000 publishers. The database contains nearly 200,000 book titles and 27 million patent records from five patent offices. Scopus also offers information on articles that are only printed in the press. Scopus creates and automatically updates the profiles of scientists and authors of scientific publications, thus improving the quality of the citation analysis performed.

SpringerLink (MetaPress)

SpringerLink offers access to more than 2500 scientific journals published by Springer and Kluwer. It covers the field of arts, astronomy and astrophysics, biological sciences, business, chemistry, computer and information science, economics, education, electroengineering, engineering, environmental science, geosciences, humanities, law, life sciences, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, psychology and social sciences.

SSRN - Social Science Research Network

SSRN´s eLibrary provides 948,104 research papers from 499,445 researchers in more than 50 disciplines.


Statista is one of the world’s largest statistics and market data platforms with access to more than 1.5 million statistics, forecasts, dossiers, reports and infographics on 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources. From the rabbit pet food market value in the UK, to the share of population reading newspapers daily in Norway, to a breakdown of mobile gamers in China. The platform combines economic data, consumer insights, opinion polls and demographic trends.

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Taylor and Francis - Science & Technology Library

The Science & Technology Library includes 530 peer-reviewed journals spanning a range of academic disciplines. Over 90% of journals in the library are included in Clarivate Analytics Citation Indexes/Web of Science.

Teacher's Reference (EBSCO)

The Teacher Reference Center provides indexing and abstracts for over 280 of the most popular teacher and administrator trade journals to assist professional educators.

Theses & Dissertations Catalog

he Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). We support electronic publishing and open access to scholarship in order to enhance the sharing of knowledge worldwide. Our website includes resources for university administrators, librarians, faculty, students, and the general public. Topics include how to find, create, and preserve ETDs; how to set up an ETD program; legal and technical questions; and the latest news and research in the ETD community.

System used to search for traces of plagiarism in theses. It represents a czech national registry of theses and all the information related to these

Turnitin Feedback Studio

Turnitin is a tool used to detect and prevent plagiarism and increase the quality of academic work. The main purpose of the system is to increase the quality of works and to detect and prevent plagiarism. The class instructor provides students with feedback by commenting or inserting notes directly into the text of the work. Evaluation forms can also be used to evaluate the work.

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Univerzita Tomáše Bati - Elektronické knihy

The Collection of eBooks, which are included in library catalogue of TBU Library.

USPTO Patents: Issued Patents

The database includes information about all US patents (including utility, design, reissue, plant patents and SIR documents) from the first patent issued in 1790 to the most recent patent issue week. The data included in the patents appear as printed on the patent on the day of issue. Changes to patent documents contained in Certificates of Correction and Re-examinations Certificates are not included in the searchable full-text of the patent databases, but are available as additional full-page images at the end of each patent's linked full-page images. Some patents and images have been excluded from the database.

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Web of Science (ISI)

A rich collection of citation indexes representing the citation connections between scholarly research articles found in the most globally significant journals, books, and proceedings in the sciences, social sciences and art & humanities. The Web of Science Core Collection serves as the standard data set underpinning the journal impact metrics found in the Journal Citation Reports and the institutional performance metrics found in InCites. Number of journals - 21,294 journals + books and conference proceedings; over 76 million records; more than 111,000 books; over 8 million conference papers.

Wiley Online Library Journals

Wiley Online Library is one of the world's premiere resources for study, teaching and advanced research. It provides access to over 4 million articles across nearly 1900 journals.


WorldCat is a union catalog that itemizes the collections of 17,900 libraries in 123 countries and territories that participate in the OCLC global cooperative. It is operated by OCLC, Inc. The subscribing member libraries collectively maintain WorldCat's database, the world's largest bibliographic database. OCLC makes WorldCat itself available free to libraries, but the catalog is the foundation for other subscription OCLC services (such as resource sharing and collection management). WorldCat is used by the general public and by librarians for cataloging and research.

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Zoological Record

Zoological Record™ is the world’s oldest continuing database of animal biology. It is considered the world’s leading taxonomic reference, and with coverage back to 1864, has long acted as the world’s unofficial register of animal names. The broad scope of coverage ranges from biodiversity and the environment to taxonomy and veterinary sciences.