__NOTOC__ Polányi, Polanyi is a surname. There have been a number of prominent individuals in the Polanyi family, illustrated in the following family tree:

*Adolf Pollacsek (1820–1871) ∞ Zsófia Schlesinger **Mihály Pollacsek (March 21, 1848, Bánhegy (Dluha) – January 10, 1905), prominent member of the bourgeoisie involved in railroads
∞ (1881 in Warsaw) Cecília Wohl (, ; 1862, Vilnius – 1939, Budapest), daughter of Lithuanian Rabbi Alex Wohl, held a literary salon in Budapest ***Laura Polanyi, later Striker (1882–1957), ∞ Sándor Striker ****Eva Striker Zeisel, American industrial designer ***Adolf Polányi ***Karl Paul Polanyi (, 1886, Vienna – 1964, Pickering, Ontario), a Hungarian-Canadian political economist and author of ''The Great Transformation''
Ilona Duczyńska ****Kari Polanyi Levitt (born 1923, Vienna), the Emerita Professor of Economics at McGill University ***Sophia (Zsófia) Polányi ***Michael Polanyi (; 1891, Budapest – 1976, Manchester), Hungarian chemist, philosopher of science, economist
∞ Magda Elizabeth Polanyi ****John Charles Polanyi (; born 1929, Berlin), Canadian Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry ***Paul (Pál) Polányi **Lujza Pollacsek ***Ervin Szabó (1877–1918) **Vilma Pollacsek ***Irma Seidler, early love of György Lukács ***Ernő Seidler, founding member of the Communist Party of Hungary Provided by Wikipedia
by Polányi, Mihály, 1891-1976
Published 2009