Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips or Charles Philips may refer to: *Charles Phillips (archaeologist) (1901–1985), British archaeologist *Charles Philips (artist), (ca.1703-1747), English painter *Charles Phillips (businessman) (born 1959), American businessman, CEO of Infor *Charles Phillips (bishop) (died 1906), Nigerian clergyman and Bishop of Ondo *Charles Phillips (figure skater) (born 1938), American figure skater *Charles Phillips (barrister) (1787?–1859), Irish barrister and writer *Charles Phillips (Wisconsin politician, born 1824) (1824–1879), American politician in Wisconsin *Charles Franklin Phillips (1910–1998), American economist *Charles James Phillips (1863–1940), Anglo-American philatelist *Charles Henry Phillips (1820–1882), English pharmacist known for his invention ''Phillips Milk of Magnesia'' *Charles H. Phillips (1859–1938), American lawyer and politician in Wisconsin *C. E. S. Phillips (Charles Edmund Stanley Phillips, 1871–1945), British radiologist and artist Provided by Wikipedia