William Nicholson

William Nicholson may refer to:

*William Nicholson (bishop of Gloucester) (1591–1672), Bishop of Gloucester *William Nicholson (chemist) (1753–1815), English chemist, publisher, and inventor *William Nicholson (poet) (1782–1849), Scottish poet, known as the Bard of Galloway *William Nicholson (naval officer) (c. 1790 – 1872), U.S. naval officer *William Nicholson (Australian politician) (1816–1865), Mayor of Melbourne and Premier of Victoria *William Nicholson, 1st Baron Nicholson (1845–1918), British Field Marshal and Chief of the Imperial General Staff *William Nicholson (artist) (William Newzam Prior Nicholson, 1872–1949), English painter and engraver *William Nicholson (artist, born 1781) (1781–1844), portrait-painter and etcher *William Adams Nicholson (1803–1853), English architect *William Newzam Nicholson (1816–1899), British Member of Parliament for Newark, 1880–1885 *William Nicholson (distiller) (1825–1909), British Member of Parliament for Petersfield, 1866–1874 and 1880–1885, cricketer and cricket benefactor *William Nicholson (Royal Navy officer) (1863–1932), British admiral *William Nicholson (journalist) (1877–1957), New Zealand clerk, local politician, builder, journalist and editor *William Graham Nicholson (1862–1942), British Liberal Unionist and later Conservative Party politician *William Nicholson (Reformed Episcopal bishop) (1822–1901), American bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church *William Nicholson (writer) (born 1948), British screenwriter, playwright and novelist *William Nicholson (sound engineer) (born 1937) *William Jones Nicholson (1856–1931), US Army general *William H. Nicholson (1869–1911), first African American fireman in the New York City Fire Department *William L. Nicholson (1926–2020), American Air Force general *Willie Nicholson, Scottish footballer Provided by Wikipedia