Daniel Micka

Daniel Micka, 2007 Daniel Micka (born 22 April 1963 in Prague) is a Czech writer and translator from English and French into Czech.

His stories have been published since 1992 in a range of Czech literary periodicals, later he has published three collections of his stories in a book form. The first book ''Overwhelmed by Love for Someone'' was published in 1996, and its sequel ''Fear of People'' in 2001. His next related collection ''Looking for Someone and Dreaming About Making Love to Them'' was released first in 2007 as an e-book and in a book form in 2011. His stories became the inspiration for two plays and some have been published in translation into Finnish, Dutch and Polish in foreign literary anthologies and magazines.

He translates books about philosophy, psychology and religion from various English-language authors, including Stuart Wilde, Norman Vincent Peale, Henryk Skolimowski, John N. Gray, Daniel A. Helminiak, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Ian Buruma, David Benatar, Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi, Dambisa Moyo, Christopher Lasch, Harriet A. Washington, David Bakan, Dan Allender and others. The subject of several books he translated are views of Sigmund Freud and Otto Weininger. He has translated two books by Boris Cyrulnik from French into Czech. He has also translated films, documentaries and screenplays for Czechoslovak Television and the company Alfafilm.

Daniel Micka, in addition to writing prose now dedicates himself to translating from English and French into Czech for various publishers. He also works as a book editor. He lives and works in Prague in the Czech Republic. Provided by Wikipedia
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