František Janda

František Janda (10 September 1886 – 2 March 1956) was a Czech architect and urban planner, in which capacity he authored many regulation designs. Janda studied under the tutelage of Jan Kotěra at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Along with pianist and composer Václav Štěpán he founded the Arts Forum, for which he designed and in 1925 finished construction of his Cooperative Arts Forum building in Prague's Malá Strana district. For the remainder of his life Janda lived in this building. In 1960, four years after his death, the property was confiscated by the communist government. Janda's wife, however, was allowed to continue living there until her death. His most famous building is probably the functionalist Waldekova Vila in Hradec Králové (1937). Provided by Wikipedia