Stephanie Harvey

Harvey at the 2016 Intel Keynote Stephanie Harvey (born 19 April 1986), also known by her in-game name missharvey, is a Canadian video game developer and retired professional gamer. She is best known as a ''Counter-Strike'' and ''Counter-Strike: Global Offensive'' (CS:GO) player, having won five world championships. She formerly played for Counter Logic Gaming Red.

Outside professional gaming, Harvey works as a designer at video game developer Ubisoft Montreal. She is also known for advocating against gender discrimination in professional gaming, co-founding the online community Missclicks to address the under-representation of women in geek and video game culture.

In November 2016, she was listed as one of BBC's 100 Women. In December 2016, she won the third season of Canada's Smartest Person. In January 2022, Harvey won the second season of Big Brother Célébrités.

Harvey currently works for Counter-Logic Gaming as the Director of Business Development.

In 2021, Harvey received The Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. Provided by Wikipedia