František Lydie Gahura

[[Tomas Bata Memorial František Lýdie Gahura (October 10, 1891 in Zlín – September 15, 1958 in Brno) was a Czech architect and sculptor who became famous for his collaboration on the architectural and urban design of Zlín, a city in southeastern Czech Republic. He worked for the Bata Shoes organization in the 1920s and 1930s. Gahura was one of a number of Czech architects to design the "Bata houses" and Bata shoe factory at East Tilbury, Essex, England. The most impressive architectural work of František Lydie Gahura is Thomas Bata Memorial. The building process started in 1932 and the monument was open with ceremony on the day of the first anniversary of Tomas Bata death that is on July 12, 1933. It is the most valuable building of the Zlín functionalism. Provided by Wikipedia