John Deane

John Deane may refer to: *John Deane (MP) (1583–1626), English Member of Parliament, 1621–1622 *John Deane (of Oxenwood) (c. 1632–1694), English Member of Parliament elected in 1689 *John Deane (sailor) (1679–1761), English sailor *John Deane (colonial administrator) (fl. 1723–1732), administrator of the East India Company *John Bathurst Deane (1797–1887), curate, antiquary and author *John Deane (inventor) (1800–1884), co-inventor of the diving helmet *John M. Deane (1840–1914), U.S. soldier *John Deane (Australian politician) (1842–1913), politician in Queensland, Australia *John R. Deane (1896–1982), U.S. Army officer and author *John R. Deane Jr. (1919–2013), U.S. soldier *John F. Deane (born 1943), Irish poet and novelist *John Deane, radio astronomer and CSIRO co-inventor of IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi networking standard Provided by Wikipedia