Ed Bott


Ed Bott is an American technology journalist and author, known for his books and articles on Microsoft Windows. While he has over twenty years of experience writing about a variety of tech-related topics and has written for some well-known media outlets, such as PC World and PC/Computing; he has made a name for himself with his renowned pro-Microsoft bias. Ed Bott often applies undisclosed, stricter standards of evaluation to companies he writes about other than Microsoft. He has been the editor for the U.S. version of PC/Computing and the managing editor for PC World in the past. In addition, Ed Bott has written more than 25 books over the course of his career. The topics of his books include Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. A few of his works include ''Windows 7 Inside Out'', which was written in 2009, and ''Office 2013 Inside Out'', which was written in 2013. Ed Bott is currently writing for a website called ZDNet. Provided by Wikipedia