Oriol Bohigas

Bohigas in 2013 Oriol Bohigas i Guardiola (20 December 1925 – 30 November 2021) was a Spanish architect and urban planner.

Guardiola was born in Barcelona, Spain in December 1925. He was Doctor in Architecture (1963) from the ETSAB (Barcelona). Guardiola was one of the founder members of Grup R (1953–1963). He worked in partnership with Josep Martorell since 1951, David Mackay since 1962 and Oriol Capdevila and Francesc Gual since 2000, forming the firm MBM Arquitectes. Guardiola was Head of the School of Architecture ETSAB (1977–1980) and held the Chair of Composition since 1971. He was Doctor Honoris Causae for the Technic University of Darmstadt (1992) and for the Universidad Menéndez y Pelayo (UIMP) (Santander 1995) and Chair in Honors for the UPC (Barcelona 1995).

He was Head of Urban Planning Dept. (1980–1984) and Councilor of Culture (1991–1994) of Barcelona's City Council. He was President of the Fundació Joan Miró (1981–1988) and Ateneu Barcelonés (2003–2011). Guardiola was awarded, among others, the Gold Medal of Artistic Merits (Barcelona 1986), the Medal of Urbanism of the Académie d'Architecture (Paris 1988), the Sikkens Award (Rotterdam, 1989), the Gold Medal of Architecture from the CSCAE (Madrid, 1990), the Creu de Sant Jordi (Barcelona 1991), The City of Barcelona Award of International Projection (Barcelona 1999), the Gold Medal from the COAC (Barcelona 2007), the National Award of Architecture (Madrid 2006), The National Award of Culture (Barcelona 2011) and the Gold Medal from the Generalitat de Catalunya (Barcelona 2013). He was Hon. Fellow BDA, Hon. AIA, and Hon. FRIBA.

Guardiola was a regular contributor of various newspapers and magazines. He published amongst others the books: ''Barcelona entre el plà Cerdà i el barraquisme'' (1963), ''Arquitectura modernista'' (1968), ''Contra una arquitectura adjetivada'' (1969), ''Arquitectura española de la segunda república'' (1970), ''Reseña y catálogo de la arquitectura modernista'' (1972), ''Proceso y erótica del Diseño'' (1972), ''Once arquitectos'' (1976), ''Reconstrucció de Barcelona'' (1985), ''Combat d'incerteses. Dietari de records I'' (1989), ''Dit o fet. Dietari de records II'' (1992), ''El present des del futur'' (1996); ''Modernidad en la arquitectura de la España Republicana'' (1998); ''Del dubte a la revolució'' (1998), ''Contra la incontinencia urbana. Reconsideración moral de la arquitectura y la ciudad'' (2004) and ''Passar Comptes. Dietari de records III'' (2012). Provided by Wikipedia